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I was invited by I Just Love It to an event to make my very own personalised pizza from scratch, seeing as the website is all about personalising items it was the perfect launch for their site , not to mention, who doesn’t love Pizza? Right?! 
The sites been live for a few months as I’m very late with this post but I had so much fun as I Just Love It were so lovely I still wanted to post about them and the evening.
The evening went so quickly and I had so much fun! They had booked out La Cucina Caldesi for the evening and our Head chef Stefano talked us through making the dough and traditional toppings. Clearly Stefano didn’t realise I ate pizza far too frequently to need a demo however he was a great teacher and I know I wasn’t the only one mesmerised by his pizza making skills, he made it look effortless as he span the pizza in the air – which we soon found out was even harder than it looked. 
Photo credit goes to Luke who took some banging photos from the event which you can see here
IJLI Event 6
IJLI Event 2
IJLI Event 1IJLI Event 3IJLI Event 4IJLI Event 5
IJLI Event 7
I just Love It have an amazing range of personalised gifts and there’re ally is something for everyone. I know we’ve been looking at loads of items from their site for  our new flat and thinking of cute personalised things for our baby when he/she arrives so I thought I’d add this Wishlist to show you some of the things in loving from their site!
Ijustloveit wishlist
Personalised Tree Ornament – I Absolutely LOVE the idea of getting a first christmas ornament as our baby will be coming just before christmas and we were saying about adding a new tree ornament each year and starting a new tradition for the family so this had to make my list!
New Baby Wood Print – I also love the wodden plaque to have to celebrate the baby’s birth to have on the baby’s wall, it’s super cute and will go great with our white and grey theme.
Engraved Baby Scan Frame – The next is a little cheesy but having the scans have been the only thing that’s made this pregnancy feel real as we still can’t believe we’re having this little miracle so I think having the scans in a frame like this would remind us how lucky we are.
Personalised puppy comforter – Lastly, I couldn’t resist, I know growing up I had a toy (bobby) that I carried around everywhere and I’d love our child to have the same thing, and what better then this personalised one ( also available in pink! ) 
These were just a few bits that I thought were lovely from I Just Love It but I highly recommend taking a look as they have so many great items just waiting to be personalised.
Thank you so much I just love it for having me! It was such a pleasure and I do apologise my post was so late on celebrating the launch of the site! 
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