5 tips to Winterize your car


This time of year, everything points to Christmas, the TV adverts, The cold frosty weather and the festive lights. There are some traditional things we all do to get us in the Christmas spirit, but a few things we wont always remember to do to keep us safe, especially to do with a car! I’ve teamed up with Point S tyres to tell you my top tips.

Winterize your car
It’s so important to get your car ready for winter, so always check your systems including fluids, breaks, tyre pressure and tread.

Be in the know
It seems so basic, but just checking the weather gives you a better understanding about what weather to expect during the day. If your errands can wait till tomorrow, it could might be the deciding factor for going out.

Checking car tyres
I always worry about my mum and dad on the road this time of year as we once had a mini scare. It’s so important to check your car tyres as they can be a serious threat so it’s worth having a tyre checkup where they can check for the right pressure or perhaps even advise on some winter tyres. Point S has some cheap tyres online and is worth checking out!

Prep work
Take 5 minutes before going on your journey to completly get rid of any ice on the windsheild, lights and body of the car.

3 in 1
So I wanted 5 tips but ended up with 7 so heres a 3 in 1, haha. If your car has it, don’t use cruise control, keep your gas tank full as best you can and finally.. slow down and take it easy on bridges and ramps.

I hope these 5 or so tips help you start thinking about getting your car winter ready!

  • We have so much snow at the moment so taking on board these tips. I’ve had the hubby double check and pump up the tyres. Made sure I have blankets and water in the car etc. You just never know with this weather.