5 things I’ve hated after having a baby

I love my child. I do, she’s my world. However there are some things that have become the bain of my life because of having her and I it amazes me how these things get swept under the carpet not addressed. Let’s face it, It’s far nicer for us to talk about all the cute things our little ones do, however I wanted to address some of the things I’ve hated after having a baby.


This is number one on my list for good reason. Ever since I gave birth to Amelia, from the first period to now, the pain I get is excruciating, both when I’m ovulating, a few days before I’m due on and when I’m on my period. Yep, your right, that’s basically half the month! Whilst I’m never that excited to get my period, there seems to be fewer days I’m pain free compared to day’s I’m popping pills to dull it.


Facial hair
This is another thing that can do one. I’ve posted before about my PCOS and that I had a beard in the past. I was lucky enough to go via the NHS to receive Laser Hair Removal which changed my life and I continued getting half my face done every 3 months to maintain it. Once I fell pregnant with Amelia, I noticed my facial hair began to come back and whilst I’m nowhere near the beard I had before, I’ve got stubble coming in hard and fast and I’d be lying if I said It wasn’t effecting my confidence. I can’t wait to start my sessions up again as shaving my face daily isn’t something I think I can go back to to maintain my facial hair!


Baby brain
There, I said it. It’s not funny or cute or endearing. It’s annoying and makes me feel stupid, like I’m not in control of my brain. I felt smart once! I was quick witted and had banter. Now, most things come out wrong. I’ll often start talking and realise about 2 sentences in I’ve not given them any context or actually explained what I’m prattling on about. James is a fan of my ‘brain chats’ where I’ll say half of a conversation in my head and the other half to him and then we stare blankly at each other for a moment before he kindly points out I’ve basically just said the word potatoes, instead of talking about what we’re having for dinner tomorrow but that we need potatoes and can he go get them? Don’t even get me started on how it’s effected me back at work! Baby brain is the devil.


I’ve found some of the best support online. I met some amazing mummy bloggers who I chat too almost daily but christ it’s a mum eat mum world out there. We all judge people, we do it all the time, but there is something about a mum, furthermore a mum blogger..we just can’t help ourselves. We feel compelled to comment on what you’re doing with your kid and tell/show you what we’re doing with ours. That’s all well and good, it’s a mum thing after all, but it’s the ones that tear others down and make them question their ability to parent because it’s different. There is a huge difference in educating someone and pointing out other ways, rather than shaming their ignorance and branding them a shit mum. It’s a wonder why mums still post questions on Facebook groups because the claws come out in seconds in some of the groups.


Post Natal Depression.
I’ve never suffered with depression, I’ve always been a work through it type of girl, but after 9 months of complications whilst pregnant, 10 days in hospital and a further 4+ months to heal my infected csection, I was told after having Amelia that all the feelings I was feeling were post natal depression. After 6 months or so I felt like I turned a corner and cried less. I was able to move around better, wash properly without fear of further infecting my wound.

I’m now 11 months postpartum, I’m back at work full time with a promotion under my belt, new responsibilities and I’m struggling. What point is it not pregnancy hormones making you feel mental? How much can I excuse because “I’ve just had a baby”. So much has changed and my world seems to keep doing 180’s and I’m at this crossroad where I just feel like I can’t cope. It’s something I’m working through and I’m seeing a counsellor in the hopes this will help and it was hard to admit i think i needed help. I’ve had a few breakdowns and now I’m focusing on me and making myself a priority. There is no shame in needing help, but I hate how down I’m feeling.


What do you hate from being pregnant?



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