2018 Goals & how I’ll be earning extra £!

As we’re coming to the New Year, I’m always thinking of goals I’ll want to achieve and this year is no different. If anything, I’m even more committed to being more organised and setting out mini achievable goals alongside larger ones to keep me on track and motivated for 2018.


I plan on getting a Bullet Journal, I’ve got my eye on a Leuchtturm Emerald one, for the New year to become my guide to staying organised in both my personal life and with my blog. I know I want to plan more content and start my Youtube videos again, but I know in order to do this, I’ll need to stay on top of food shopping, meal planning, washing and housework as well as making some time for Date nights with James so I’m really hoping the Bullet Journal will be a great way to track it all and help me prioritise!


Another thing I want to do more is save money! We had a great year paying off James bank overdraft, but with Amelia’s first birthday, plus our 5 year Anniversary away in Lanzarote, and of course, Christmas, my credit card has taking a beating and I’m going to be spending the first few months of 2018 paying that off. It’s got me thinking about how I can earn some extra pennies next year and as a parent, I know every little helps so I thought I’d share the few ways I’ll be earning that dollar.
I plan on utilising my blog more to help with the pennies, for example, using my Skimlinks Affiliate more. This year alone I’ve earnt £188.99 and to be honest, as you can see from my sales I only really started using it more from July. This was all purchases either I made and used my link to earn some pennies, or links I’ve posted on posts or social media and then others have gone to purchase something so I’ve earned a little something from that.
My dad buys a lot from Ebay so he kindly uses my affiliate code and as you can see by some of the larger spikes, it can soon add up!



One of the things I love about Skimlinks is that you can add the extension onto your browser, so when logged in, if I go to a website, it shows me instantly if It’s an affiliate they work with and what percentage I could make, for example, above when I added the link for the bullet journal, If you see at the top, it shows the website and the average rate, so I simply copied the affiliate link, and should anyone click the link and then go onto make a purchase, you’ll earn some pennies.


I’ve found this to be the best affiliate for me, based on the places I purchase from.  Most of the sites I purchase items on, are affiliated with Skimlinks so at least I can make a little bit back throughout the year so it’s certainly worth doing as a blogger, especially if you’re linking the item anyway, just make sure you have a disclaimer page to let your readers know that some of your links posted are affiliate links and that you might earn a few pennies from any purchase they make. I always find full transparency is best.  With Skimlinks they even have a disclosure badge you can add either at the end of a post or on your sidebar / footer. 

Some of my blogging friends told me about Matched Betting and it’s certainly helped me get out of a few scrapes last year, I couldn’t tell you how much I earn’t in total, but we’re talking maybe £900 and that’s nothing compared to what could be earned. The easiest way to explain what matched betting is, is imagine you’re putting £1 on the odds of flipping a coin and it landing on heads, well to ensure you don’t lose, if you put £1 to cover tails, then no matter if it’s heads or tails, you win.  So with Matched betting, bookies are often giving away free bets so it’s about using gaining the free bets, and making profile, so for example, Coral might offer £30 free bet if you put on a £10 bet.  So we’d put our £10 bet on for X to win, then cover ourself an place another £10 bet on somewhere else to say X is going to Lose, so we may lose a few pennies, but then we’ve just gained ourself a £30 free bet which we can use to make around £25 profit! Easy! 

I use Profit Accumulator which you can check out and sign upto, they sign up offers are by far the easiest to do so even if you just did them to earn yourself an extra couple of hundred in the new year.  Please feel free to use my referral code – 211309. I’ll leave it upto the professionals to explain and PA have great explanation videos so go take a watch, you never know, your Saturday mornings might be just stuck in front of the TV with a cuppa, well now you could be earning money!


Lastly, just in case any of you came here hoping for some quick money, the only place you’d get that kind of instant money is via Payday Loans UK and they can be helpful to get you out of a pinch if you need the money quickly, however, the methods I’ll be focusing on in 2018 are based more around the long game and saving, but I think if anyone is stuck for cash and need it quick, then it might be for them!


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  • I tried matched betting last year and can definitely see the benefits – unfortunately I just couldn’t commit the time to it just then so I’ve had to park it until I can! I would DEFINITELY recommend that bullet journal, I bought a Leuchtturm one and whilst I’m yet to actually use it as a bullet journal, I love it for general list writing and organising… plus it’s a gorgeous colour! Can’t wait to hear updates on how your year goes x

  • Sarah Stockley

    That’s a great idea – I have some affiliate links but hadn’t thought about eBay – I know so many who buy from eBay. I’m planning to utilise my blog more too as I have loads to pay off. Sarah Stockley

  • Gee

    I love bullet journals! I have wanted to start my own for a few years now and I could really do with some organisation help for my blog and home educating so I think I may take the plunge! x

  • I haven’t really delved in or researched much about affiliate marketing, but it is amazing to see how much money people can make from it. As you say, over time it all adds up.

  • romeca

    Oh fab tips lovely! I always really want to get into bullet journals x

  • Sophia Ford

    I wish I was brave enough to do matched betting!xo

  • I really need to work harder on some affiliate linking. I’ve signed up to different sites but I don’t really use the tools that are provided to me! I also find a bullet journal works really well for keeping organised.

  • Rachael Claire

    Love this post! I’ve never used affiliate links although it’s something I’ve heard lots about.
    I’ve also heard about matched betting – I just don’t think I’m brave enough!

    Rachael x

  • Lollii Jaynee Butcher

    This is very interesting! I am new to blogging and don’t know much about affiliate links, so this is a good read! X

  • Laura Dove

    What a great idea! I don’t really use affiliate links but I do think I need to do more of that this year! xx

  • Matched Betting is such a winner!

  • I need to put more effort into affiliate links as I don’t ever utilise it!

  • Loved this post, really hoping to start using affiliate links this year properly

  • Sophia Ford

    I love Skimlinks! It’s the only affiliate network I feel works for me xo

  • Fab idea. I’ll have to take a good look at this myself if I want to move on to the next step! We’ll get there though 🙂 x